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Change of venue denied in Steven Gavin murder retrial

QUINCY (WGEM) — A change of venue motion for the murder retrial of Steven Gavin was denied in court on Friday, according to court records.

In the motion, Gavin’s attorney, Curtis Lovelace, claimed that the publicity of the case in the first trial would deny Gavin’s right to a fair trial as it would be difficult to pick a jury.

Gavin is accused of shooting Carlous Wires to death in Quincy in November, 2015.

Gavin’s first trial ended in a mistrial after the jury deliberated for 12 hours and could not come to a verdict.

The retrial for Gavin was originally scheduled to begin April 8, but was delayed when Gavin retained a new attorney, Lovelace, who replaced Drew Schnack who represented Gavin in the first trial.

The retrial was rescheduled to begin September 9, but has now been rescheduled again for November 12.

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Zachary Voss

Zachary Voss is the Assignment Editor at WGEM.

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