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Hannibal standoff ends with man taken into custody

Several police officers were seen with their guns drawn in the parking lot of the Huck Finn Shopping Center in Hannibal Friday night, the standoff ended after 7 p.m.
Around 5 p.m., Hannibal Police tried to pull over a vehicle that was reported stolen, the driver wouldn’t stop.
They used spike strips and the vehicle stopped in the Huck Finn Shopping Center. The driver refused to get out of the car and an hour-long standoff started. Police say the driver may have a mental illness, they had his mother come to the scene, she helped deescalate the situation and the man was taken into custody.
Bystanders said they’re grateful it ended without any shots being fired.

“When I pulled up, all I seen was four or five police officers with their guns and I was like woah, what’s going on here,” said Tonya Mann.

“It was kinda terrifying,” said Zia Khamou. “I’m glad that it came out the way that it did. I think it was due to a lot of people praying and it’s a good outcome. Good day for everybody, good day for the family, the guy, the police, everybody.”

Police say the man was transported for a mental evaluation.

Alexandra Carter

WGEM News Anchor

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