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Mendon’s mayor upset after excessive trash piling up in town

Almost five months after Quincy Recycle stopped allowing drop offs, the smaller communities in Adams County are starting to see more trash piling up and city leaders think one is the result of the other.

Mendon resident Marvin Davidson walks every day, sometimes twice a day.

“I walk in the morning,” said Davidson. “I walk in the evening.”

However, seeing piles of trash near the intersection of State Street and Mulberry Street doesn’t make his walk very scenic.

“It’s a total mess,” said Davidson.

In fact, it’s the worst he’s ever seen it.

“The whole thing right next to the building is just trash,” said Davidson.

Mendon’s Mayor Dean Woodruff doesn’t believe all the trash is coming from those who pay for it to be picked up, which costs the villages and townships $1,200 a year.

“All those people in those communities bring their recycle here and it worked out really well but just lately, in the last couple of months, the recycle bins are completely full and they’re running over,” said Woodruff.

Mendon gets recycle bins from Quincy Recycle one week out of the month and the bins were just taken a couple days ago. However, all the excess amount of trash not in the bins is just sitting along the side of the street.

“All this stuff is coming from people who do not live in our area,” said Woodruff. “We’ve seen addresses on some of this stuff and they’re not from our Unit 4 School District. I know they haven’t paid their share to bring their recycle here.”

So a word of advice for those illegally tossing their trash here:

“You need to take yours some place else. I don’t know where but it won’t be here. You keep it up, there will be no bin here for anyone because we’re not going to have a mess like this every month.”

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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