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Tax free weekend comes to Iowa and Missouri

If you’re planning to start your back to school shopping soon, this weekend could be the weekend to do it.

Iowa and Missouri are holding sales-tax holidays this weekend.

In Hannibal Friday, families were already taking advantage of the weekend. For Missouri, clothing and school supplies are all state sales tax exempt for the next few days, something both retailers and shoppers are excited to take advantage of, meaning for many purchases this weekend, the price on the tag will be the price you pay.

“Well, we were running some errands today, picking up some stuff, getting ready for school again,” said Parent Rodney Tienmann.

He and his family were in Hannibal today, taking advantage of the tax free weekend to get new shoes for the kids.

“When you’ve got kids shoes last about six months, even if they don’t wear out,” laughed Tienmann, “it’s a constant turn over.”

Retailers said it’s those back to school necessities like shoes and jeans that they sell a lot of over the tax holiday weekend

“People are starting to think about back to school shopping, so great time to do it with the no tax all weekend, we’ve already seen an uptick in business this morning and I assume it’ll continue all weekend,” said Hannibal Farm and Home Supply Manager John Golian.

He wanted to remind shoppers that it’s important to still make sure you’re getting a good deal even when you’re shopping for tax exempt items.

“I think the biggest thing is you should look for the sales, you’re going to save some money on the sales as well as the no tax,” said Golian.

For Tienmann, he said it’s a good opportunity to knock those bigger items off the list.

“While it’s tax free it’s a perfect opportunity to load up on a few of those items.,” said Tienmann.

The tax free weekend started today in both Iowa and Missouri, and will continue through Saturday in Iowa and Sunday in Missouri.

For more information on what is and isn’t exempt in Missouri, click here.

The same information for Iowa can be found here.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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