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Quincy coach pleads guilty to DUI, ordered not to drink alcohol for a year

QUINCY (WGEM) — Andy Douglas, the Quincy High School boys basketball coach, pleaded guilty to Driving Under the Influence, according to court records filed this week.

The guilty plea stems from a June 6 arrest in Quincy after Douglas, 37, was driving with more than double the state’s legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC), according to the Illinois State Police.

Troopers documented Douglas’ BAC at .173 when they stopped him just before 1 a.m. at 30th and Locust streets. The legal limit in Illinois is .08.

“Douglas drove into a roadside safety check. I smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. SFST’s (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing) indicated DUI,” the trooper wrote in his report.

Douglas’ guilty plea was recorded in documents filed August 5 in Adams County Circuit Court. Judge Scott Larson sentenced Douglas to 12 months of supervision.

Under terms and conditions of the supervision, Douglas may not drink, possess or consume alcohol, nor enter any establishment whose primary purpose is the sale of alcohol.

Douglas was also ordered to complete an Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse-approved program and provide a certificate of completion for all organized treatment and counseling.

Douglas, represented in court by attorney Ryan Schnack, was also ordered to pay $2,033.50 in fines, court costs and fees.

Adams County State’s Attorney Gary Farha did not prosecute Douglas’ case.

“I’m a season ticket holder and close friends with Andy,” Farha explained. “Andy is also close with several police officers that I’m close with as well.”

Due to the conflict, Jon Barnard, the county’s former state’s attorney, was appointed special prosecutor.

“(Douglas) keeps his driver’s license,” Barnard said. “That’s a standard punishment for a first-time offender.”

Douglas was hired as QHS boys basketball coach in 2014. Douglas is also employed by the Quincy Public Schools as a physical education teacher.

His salary for the 2018-19 school year was $54,760.17. $42,793 was for teaching, $11,945.05 was for coaching, and $22.12 for extra duties.

High school athletes are expected to uphold a code of conduct. Alcohol-related offenses can result in disciplinary action for students, such as being removed from a team and being suspended from games.

When asked if Douglas would face similar disciplinary action due to his alcohol-related offense, QPS Spokesman Bob Gough said, “We can’t get into personnel matters.”

A message left on Douglas’ phone by WGEM News has not been returned.

But on his Twitter account, he posted “No words other than I am sorry. I hope that I can earn the trust of those who have supported me throughout my life. I do know that I will be better because of it and will continue to work to inspire my players to be better each and every day.”

Douglas also posted on Twitter a prepared statement on Blue Devil Basketball letterhead stating, “There will be consequences, including a suspension, that come from the district and I am behind them with that.”

Read Douglas’ full statement below.



Andy Douglas’ booking photo following his June 6 arrest.

WGEM Staff

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