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Playing in the Sand: Palmyra’s First Annual Sandbox Scuffle (Plus Luke Guthrie Update)

In Palmyra today, the First Annual Sandbox Scuffle was held at Flower City Park.

The event brought in competitors of all ages from all over the area, with 92 wrestlers ranging from ages 4 to 43.

500 dollars of the tournament’s proceeds was given to both Southern Boone High School wrestling and Blue Pride Youth Wrestling Club for bring the most competitors in their divisions.

The competition was created by Tony Messina of Hannibal in conjunction with ruck up wrestling academy and Gracie Barra of Hannibal, and Palmyra youth club to help the sport gain more popularity in Missouri.

Messina said, “So, we started Ruck Up, we just really wanted to grow the sport. We thought, ‘How can we bring it to Palmyra, bring it to Hannibal and keep it fun?’

So we started the Sandbox Scuffle, this is the first one.

Beau Viehman of Gracie Barra Hannibal, me and him were sitting around one day and he was like, ‘Man it’d be fun to be in a beach wrestling tournament,’ and if you guys know me, that was it.

We’re having a beach wrestling tournament.

Turn around, and here we are.”

The tournament brought in lots of longtime wrestlers and martial artists to the park, but some of them were not quite used to wrestling on such an unfamiliar surface like sand, which created more than a few challenges.

Jefferson City wrestler Jalen Laughlin said, “I’ve been doing it for a long time now.

I’ve never done beach wrestling though, so this should be a unique experience.

Everything’s a lot slower with your feet, so your hand movements are unrestricted.

But it kind of feels like you’re walking in quicksand.

Like it’s heavy, and your legs are hard to move around.”

David Sugarman

David Sugarman is the Weekend Sports Anchor & Reporter at WGEM News.

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