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Gridiron Preview: Camp Point Central Embracing New Target On Their Back

Last season was a historic one for the Camp Point Central Panthers that ended with them finishing as runner ups in their first ever trip to a state championship and the taste only left them wanting more.

Monday morning’s rain and lightning forced head coach Brad Dixon to move the Panthers indoors for practice number one, but it didn’t dull Camp Point’s focus one iota..

The Panthers bring back six starters from a stingy defense that helped the Panthers go 12-2, but offensively the Panthers will have to re stock the shelves losing QB Eric Jones and dynamic play makers like Cole Williams, Noah Strohkirch and Chayse Houston.

Camp Point returns just two starters on the offensive side of the ball….

But the guys who like to call themselves freaks feel that eventually they’ll still be the Panthers we’ve come to know and love.

Senior linebacker and tight end Collin Sally said, “I think it’s going to be the same style.

We got a lot of running backs and we can pass when we want to.

So I think it’ll be similar to last year. We’re going to have patience with them and I think that with enough time they’ll be able to fill in the roles as good as the seniors last year.”

Through last year’s run for Camp Point there was often an underdog mentality having never been to a state championship before, but now there’s a target squarely on their back and the Panthers are plenty comfortable with that.

Senior lineman Remington Buehler said that, “It’s nice because everybody wants a piece out of us.

So it’s like bring it on honestly.

You think you can beat us like let’s play and see how it is in the trenches.”

David Sugarman

David Sugarman is the Weekend Sports Anchor & Reporter at WGEM News.

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