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Crews hauling away old Taylor bridge, residents excited

With the old Taylor bridge in Taylor, Missouri demolished, people are excited about what the long-awaited new bridge. Work on the bridge comes after around a year of waiting and delays due to flooding.

Crews from Bleigh Construction are working on cutting old parts of the bridge and hauling them away to make room for the new bridge, and people said the new bridge will be the end to a lot of headaches.

“Well it’s been a big inconvenience, traffic and everything, it takes quite a bit longer to get where a guy needs to get to go without that bridge being there,” said Luke Hoerr who has family in the area and farms fields around the bridge.

Road closed signs have kept people like Hoerr from getting around Taylor easily for a long time, making them take long detours on the highway.

“We couldn’t really take loaded trucks over that bridge, we had to go around anyway to be legal for load limits,” said Hoerr.

Crews working on the new Taylor Bridge said weather permitting it won’t be long before the new bridge comes to solve all those problems.

“We dropped the actual bridge a week and a half ago, and we’re cleaning up the debris and stuff now,” said  Bleigh Construction Taylor Bridge Project Superintendent Jeff Devlin.

Devlin said the new bridge will be good for farmers and residents.

“Well you’ll have better load ratings where the farmers can actually use it, it’ll be a 24 foot road way, so most of their equipment will go across it,” said Devlin.

“We’ll hopefully it’ll be done mid to early November, if the weather holds out for us.”

For Hoerr, he said he and his family are looking forward to moving equipment across the new bridge.

“I’m excited for lust the ease of it, like, being able to go from one farm to the other, from the bottoms to the hills or the hills to the bottoms, it’ll make it a lot smoother flowing, a lot less time consuming,” said Hoerr.

The construction on the bridge comes after multiple delays dating back to December of last year.

Work on the nearly $900,000 dollar project started last Thursday. Original plans for the bridge aimed to have it done by late summer.



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