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Hannibal High School teachers ready to beat the heat with new A/C

In less than two days, students will be going back to class in one Tri-State town and the school district is making sure heat doesn’t cut into instructional time

There are at least a dozen classrooms with window A/C units and the high school is now equipped with a full HVAC system. Teachers said this will make a big difference in the classroom this school year.

“At the end of the semester we didn’t even get to one of our books because everything just slows down and you have to do more reteaching,” said Hannibal High School English Teacher Amy Rendel.

That won’t happen to Rendel this year because that new HVAC system was installed over the summer.

“Having air conditioning is amazing,” she said.

Rendel is almost done setting up her classroom. She said the school year typically gets off to a slow start because in the past the district had to release early and use heat days when temperatures got too hot. That made learning difficult.

“When the kids would come back in. It was like everything they had learned the day before was gone so it’s just starting over and starting over,” said Rendel.

High School Principal Ted Sampson said air conditioning is not the only improvement the school made this summer.

“We’ve got quite a few nice water fountains in the building with the bottle filling stations and you’ll notice the hallways are really bright from all the LED lighting,” said Sampson.

And that new lighting is something teachers like Rendel said is hard to not notice when you walk inside.

“I thought it was amazing because it changed that overall feel and I just want to teach. Bring in the students, I’m not hot. There’s great lighting,” said Rendel.

School officials said crews will install HVAC at the middle school next summer which will eliminate the need for those window units.

Voters approved a bond issue in April for a total of $14.5 million. That will go towards the HVAC and other upgrades like lighting, windows and plumbing.

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Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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