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Pete Buttigieg talks issues with voters in Keokuk

The fourth candidate running for the Democratic nomination for president, Pete Buttigieg, stopped in Keokuk Wednesday. He met with voters along on the riverfront in the Gate City.

Young and old, people of all backgrounds made their way to Keokuk Monday in order to speak with and hear from Pete Buttigieg.

“It goes from small people to older adults, many different cultures are here today. It’s refreshing to see all of this,” said voter Gay Phillips.

Buttigieg spoke on a number of issues but focused on topics that matter most to the people of the Midwest including jobs education and infrastructure.

Buttigieg also said rural america can be apart of the solution when it comes to climate change.

“There’s the ability of soil to take in as much carbon as the global transportation sector is putting out. We just haven’t worked out all the technology to do that. We should be researching that,” said Buttigieg.

One woman asked how the South Bend, Indiana, mayor would help grow places like Keokuk so that her children didn’t feel the need to leave in order to find a job that pays well. Buttigieg said internet plays a big role and points to the success in South Bend.

“Part of how we’re growing is that there’s jobs being created in industries that didn’t exist when we were making cars,” said Buttigieg.

That woman hopes to see changes like that implemented in areas across the Tri-States.

“I want them to feel like yeah I can work. I can come back here because this is a great place to live. I want to make sure they have opportunities here,” said voter Joan Meyer Kice.

The Iowa caucus is February 3rd. That’s when Iowans gather to discuss and vote on the candidates.

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Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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