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Macomb to repair 32 blocks of roads throughout town

If you drive through Macomb often, many cracks and potholes on city roads will soon be fixed.

It’s part of a 250,000 dollar road improvement project that’s set to start next week.

City Administrator Scott Coker said crews will seal 32 blocks of roads throughout town.

That is being done to keep the cracks from getting worse. Coker said it saves money in the long run, because the city won’t have to resurface all of these streets.

“The cape sealing should last ten to twelve years,” Coker said. “We’re trying to get the roads before they get in worse shape to where we would have to do a mill and overlay which is a much more expensive process. So we’re trying to do more of a preservation type process and extend the life without spending as much money.”

The majority of these are residential streets. Coker said they are only blocking off streets for about an hour at a time so the impact on residents should be minimal.

The project is being funded through the infrastructure sales sax.

The streets that are being repaired are N. Verzel Drive, S. Verzel Drive, Madison Street, Lafayette Street, Calhoun Street, Home Street, Clay Street, Center Street and Indian Trail.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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