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Teachers explain how new Monroe City school buildings will benefit students

Teachers and school officials say new construction at Monroe City Schools will benefit students.

School officials broke ground where a new ag building will be constructed at the high school on Wednesday.

“We have over a hundred kids in our ag program so this is the lifeblood of this community and to put together a new ag facility for our community, it’s been a huge thing here with ag and it’s not going anywhere, it continues to be more and more,” said superintendent Tracy Bottoms.

But this project doesn’t stop with the ag building. They also plan to construct a new building for the elementary school.

“Buildings have been attached to buildings and there’s a lot of leaking and a lot of mold issues,” said elementary principal Kim Shinn.

Preschool teacher Sara Clark said the new building for the elementary school will make life easier for both her and her students

“Our sinks are going to be lower. Our toilets are going to be lower so that we are not picking up kids to put them on the toilets,” said Clark.

Bathrooms will be inside the preschool classrooms. Clark also said the new building will provide more space and they will be able to accept more students into their preschool program.

She said over the last few years, the number of kids they have screened for those spots has more than tripled.

“However we’re not able to serve all those kids that we screen because we do not have the room and it’s hard to tell a parent yeah you’re kid does need to get in but we have to put them on a waiting list because we don’t have room for your child right now,” said Clark.

Which is something the school won’t have to do in just the near future.

Voters passed a $8.5 million bond issue in April for these projects. The ag building is expected to be complete in January or February while the first elementary building will be complete by the fall of 2021.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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