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Canton considers moving police department into old train depot

A northeast Missouri town is considering moving its police department into an old train depot.

The Mayor of Canton says part of the reason they’re looking to relocate the police department is their ongoing effort to remodel the city hall, and moving the police department could make that go smoother.

Currently the Police Department resides on the ground floor of city hall, Canton Mayor Jarrod Phillips said moving the police department elsewhere means space to make a new ADA compliant courtroom. With the city already owning the train depot, it makes for a good fit, but it would take some work.

“It needs new wall coverings, new floor coverings, replace the electrical and the sewer, we would have to look at the roof, people might think it’s an odd choice but other municipalities have have used them before,” said Mayor Phillips adding that as of right now he’s been authorized to look in to seeing how much the repairs to the building would cost.

After they have that information, a decision is expected within the next two months.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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