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Family of arrested daycare worker vows to ‘fight this in court’

The community is reacting after a Donnellson daycare worker was arrested following the death of a child.

DPS stated that Laura McDowell, the site supervisor and lead teacher of the daycare, was charged with the crime of Child Endangerment Causing a Death, a Class B Felony.

McDowell was booked into the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Jail pursuant to a warrant.

Thursday, we spoke with the owner of Raisin’ Em Up Daycare, where McDowell works, she happens to be her sister. She says they will fight this in court.

We also spoke with dozens of people in the community about this incident.

For the most part, people are waiting to give their opinion on these allegations because they want to wait to see what facts come out during court proceedings.

“I think that our officials should be able to do their jobs,” said resident David Roth. “I think we should let our judicial system do its job and I think we should let personal opinions go out the door.”

While this all plays out in court, the daycare remains open.

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Alexandra Carter

WGEM News Anchor

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