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Man arrested after starting fire in Fort Madison City Hall

FORT MADISON (WGEM) — A Burlington, Iowa, man has been charged with burglary and arson after starting a fire and breaking a window in the Fort Madison, Iowa, City Hall, police say.

Police Chief Mark Rohloff stated that Anthony Zurmuehlen, 34, was taken into custody Wednesday after surveillance cameras observed Zurmuehlen moving about inside city half for approximately and hour before starting a small fire of paper in the bathroom and then breaking a bathroom window to escape.

Rohloff stated that Zurmuehlen was apprehended in the vicinity of city hall after neighbors heard glass breaking and witnessed him fleeing.

Zurmuehlen was taken to Fort Madison Community Hospital for minor lacerations and a clinical evaluation, pending incarceration. He is expected to make his initial court appearance Thursday, Rohloff stated.

Police say there was only minor fire damage in the city hall.



Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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