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Company expresses interest in bringing marijuana dispensary to Quincy

The talk of recreational marijuana dispensaries were back on the agenda at Tuesday’s city council meeting in Quincy.

Aldermen heard two ordinances, both centering around the sale of recreational marijuana.

The first is an ordinance to allow adult use cannabis businesses to set up shop within city limits. The second is an ordinance imposing a city cannabis retailer’s occupation tax.

Aside from those ordinances, aldermen heard from Green Thumb Industries out of Canton, Illinois. The company is looking to open up a dispensary in Quincy.

“Quincy is already a draw,” said Scott Miller with Green Thumb Industries. “We think this would also continue that process. People coming into our dispensary would also get gas, eat, those kinds of things.”

GIT also released a statement saying, “GTI commends the City of Quincy for its thoughtful approach to considering adult-use cannabis sales and looks forward to continuing the conversation.”

Not everyone is happy to hear about the possibility of marijuana being sold within city limits. Several members of Addicts Victorious Ministries in Quincy say this will only lead to more problems with drug addiction.

“The evidence that we’ve seen is that marijuana is a gateway drug,” said Randy Shover with Addicts Victorious Ministries. “It does lead to the addict moving on to more harder, illegal substances.”

“Over the dozens and dozens that we’ve counseled, every one of them has started with marijuana,” said Jeff Steinkamp with Addicts Victorious Ministries.

Aldermen heard the first readings on both of the ordinances but no action was taken due to the fact the city has to typically hear three readings before making a decision.

Recreational marijuana will be become legal for anyone 21 and over in Illinois on January 1, 2020.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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