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Quincy family remembers teen killed in UTV crash

After a slew of fatal ATV and UTV crashes this year, a mother of one of the victims is speaking out.

Emily Flora, 18, died the night of August 25th after a UTV she was riding in near Carthage rolled onto its side, ejecting her.

“She loved her friends, loved having fun and always smiling,” said Emily’s mom Dian Flora. “That’s what I remember, always smiling.”

Dian looks at scrap books she made for her daughter and the memories come rushing back.

“There’s how tiny she was when she started with horses,” said Dian.

The memories are helping Dian through the pain, without Emily by her side.

“It was late Sunday night, about 10:30, doorbell rings,” said Dian. “The state police are standing there in the rain, just like in a movie and they told me. It was awful, it was just awful.”

Officials say the UTV that Emily was riding in rolled on its side, ejecting Emily. The UTV landed on top of her.

“Your world comes to a screeching halt,” said Emily’s brother Jared. Jared says Emily wasn’t an avid UV rider and that night she just wasn’t thinking.

“You have to respect that machine,” said Jared. Some of these bigger ones are upwards of 2,000 pounds and can go 70 mph. If you’re going off road or trail riding, put the seat belt on and put a helmet on. None of us are bulletproof.”

Ever since the accident, the outreach and support has been helping this family through their loss and for that they’re grateful.

“I hope she knows how many people loved her,” said Dian. “I don’t know if she knew that when she was here with us. It’s been amazing the amount of love that has been shown to her this past week.”

“The smile,” said Jared. “She had this grin whether she was happy or she was combating you, she just had this grin and this smile. A lot of people will tell you about it. It was powerful and it really shined.”

Dian says they’re working with the horse barn at the Adams County Fairgrounds to try and do something in honor of Emily.

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Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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