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Residents concerned over eyesore building in Edina

Residents are growing tired of a rundown building in Edina, Missouri that’s been falling apart for months.

They said for years this building at 300 East Lafayette has been taped off and has been in a bad state of repair for longer. Now, residents said with the building looking like this for months and even getting worse after a recent wind storm, they want the property owners to step up and do something.

“This building has been in poor condition for awhile, cut the city council is addressing it, but it’s been this way for awhile [..] it needs to be demolished because it’s too far gone,” said Edina Resident Weldon Woodward.

Police say they’ve contacted the owners of this building at 404 East Lafayette for several reasons including the awning falling apart.

Edina Police said they’re in contact with the owners of that building as well as another at 404 East Lafayette to try and get them taken care of. Police said they hope to settle the issues without pressing charges.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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