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Adams County landowner voices concern over poor county road conditions

There’s concern in Adams County about the condition of some county roads.

It’s happening in rural Adams County about five miles east of Mendon, where residents and the county road commissioner aren’t meeting eye to eye.

Residents said County Road 1600 East in rural Adams County, near Mendon, is the problem. They said there’s holes, a drainage problem and it’s almost impassable. One resident said he’s fed up.

Deep ruts, bricks, cracks and mud is what landowner John Wietholder said he’s faced with every time he wants to drive to his property.

“It’s very frustrating that I have to worry every time I come up here, whether I’m going to be able to get to my property or not,” Wietholder said.

This is nothing new, as Wietholder and two other nearby property owners, have been trying to get the road fixed for years.

“The road commissioner is not maintaining the road,” Wietholder said. “It’s gotten to the point where he has specifically said that he is not going to do anything with the road.”

Honey Creek Township road commissioner Ronald Shanholtzer declined to go on camera, but said the county is in dire need of money. He said that road is not a top priority because no one actually lives on that section of the road.

Shanholtzer said the county’s focus is on mail and school bus routes, until they seek more funds.

Wietholder disagrees and said its wrong that the tax revenue is collected for the road, but not used on it.

He said last year, the road got real bad, due to rain and a harsh winter.

That’s when he and the two other land owners signed a petition.

“Shortly after Ron, of course, came out here after the petition and fixed the road, it then went back to the same, because there was no drainage,” Wietholder said.

But the road commissioner isn’t budging– leaving him in a bind with no long-term fix.

“Being specifically told by the road commissioner that he is not going to do anything to this road, to maintain it, is unacceptable,” Wietholder said.

The road commissioner said there are currently no plans in place to fix the road.

Wietholder said last year, he and the two other landowners raised their own money to pay to have gravel put down on the road.

He said they were not reimbursed for the nearly 1,500 dollars spent.

He said he reached out to the Adams County engineer, who told him to vote him out of office in 2021, or continue to write petitions.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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