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Outdoor Power Inc. getting bigger home near ‘100% retail corner’

Off North 36th in Quincy, a new building is going up next to the old Army Reserve building.

Owners of Outdoor Power Inc. Eric Booth said it’s the new, much bigger, home for their business.

According to Booth, their new showroom will be around three times bigger than their current one, they said it’s an important next step in growing their locally owned business, and city planners said it’s something that’s good to see happening here in Quincy.

“We’re getting a bigger showroom and we’re combining the service, sales, and parts all in one location,” said Booth, highlighting that the new building will house both their retail location and their service location, “it’s a lot of hassle for us and the customers to have our parts and service in separate areas.”

He said the new space means customers will have a larger parking lot for trailers when they come to pick up their off-road vehicles and more.

“The stuff we sell just keeps getting bigger and bigger and we needed a bigger showroom as well,” said Booth.

Quincy city planners said Outdoor Power Inc. could be the first of more businesses coming to the area around the intersection of 36th and Broadway.

“It shows growth and prosperity in the area, it’s a good site there on north 36th street, 36th and Broadway is kind of a key intersection for Quincy it has a high traffic count,” said Quincy Director of Planning Chuck Bevelheimer.

He said the K-Mart property nearby should soon be available to lease once again now that the company that owns the building is done dealing with a bankruptcy.

“With 36th and Broadway being a 100% retail corner that this would be an ideal location for retail to look at with the k-mart property being available,” said Bevelheimer.

For Booth, he said moving from leasing his current location off Broadway to owning his own showroom is part of how he serves his customers and keeps his business growing.

“It has to be easier to buy local […] we try to give good service to make it easier, to give people a reason to buy local, to not buy online or travel,” said Booth, adding that they’re aiming to be moved into the new location there off 36th by the end of November.

Both Booth and Bevelheimer said they don’t know what will move into the current location of Outdoor Power once their lease ends. Booth said for the time being he’s using the old National Guard building for storage, but is open to the idea of renting it out to someone with a good plan for the building.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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