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Quincy Lyft drivers see more business after cab company closes

Quincy’s ride sharing service is giving more rides than ever before, they say.

After Diamond Cab and Taxi stopped operating in the Quincy area on August 1, local Lyft drivers say they’re seeing more people requesting rides.

Drivers say they’re also seeing more local businesses and hotels advertising Lyft because the cab service is no longer offered.

“The need is there for the airport,” said Lyft Driver David Tournear. “I think with the cab company being gone, it’s just going to keep going up.”

“I think there’s still a need for it,” said Nicky Brookhart. “As many people as we have who go out. They call it ‘Thirsty Thursday’ and the bars will be packed tonight.”

Taxi companies across the country have been feeling the pinch over the last couple years due to ride sharing services, with many downsizing or completely shutting down because they can’t compete.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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