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Birthdays & Anniversaries: September 8, 2019

Send your birthday and anniversary wishes, along with how to pronounce names, to

Note: Please have all birthday and anniversary announcements submitted to WGEM no later than two business days prior to the date you wish your announcement to be read on air.

WGEM does not guarantee that birthday and anniversary announcements submitted less than two days beforehand will be read on air.

Heather Dix

Ronnie Maple

Carol Brower

Donna Hellyer

Margie Sheffler

Isabelle Goldenstein

Lauren Haley

Carla Williams

Carl Lentz

Barb Beebe

Jeni Markezich

Aaron Schone

Jane Reynolds

Marsha McCormick

Seth Carson

Derek Moore

Jennifer Hollensteiner

Jordan Cook

Debbie Sammons

Peyton Clampitt

Shaunea Thomas

Kinley Taylor

Jackson Squier

Russell Garner


Jerry & Evelyn Quigle

Patrick & Ashley Hasting

Raymond & Patricia Hasting

Bob & Becky Fitzgerald

Mike & Cathi Murphy

Doug & Chris Battles

Brian & Amanda Warning

Robert & Brittany Mast

Scott & Candice Gottman

Ryan & Megan Brotherton

Tim & Cindy Hempen

Richard Denson

Richard Denson is the Morning Content Producer for WGEM News.

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