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Adams County sets taxes for adult-use cannabis purchases

QUINCY (WGEM) — The Adams County Board is making plans for recreational marijuana sales. The issue was discussed at Tuesday’s board meeting.

The county and the city are different when it comes to allowing the sale of recreational marijuana. The city can essentially opt-out of the program, meaning they will not allow the sale of adult use cannabis within city limits. Since there is no county-wide zoning, county board members say they can’t restrict businesses from setting up shop within the county.

However, the Adams County Board can set guidelines on how much they want to tax on purchases.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, members decided to tax the maximum at 3.75 percent on purchases made in the county. The county will tax 3 percent for purchases made in the City of Quincy, which will be on top of what the city decides to tax.

“Hopefully this revenue can off-set what we might have to tax in the future,” said Adams County Board Vice Chairman Ryan Niekamp. “Hopefully we don’t have to but hopefully this revenue will help with that.”

With roll out starting January 1 of next year, county officials say it may still be several years before they actually turn a profit and see revenue coming in on recreational marijuana sales. County officials also say they have not had any applications submitted by marijuana companies to set up shop within the county.

The City of Quincy is expected to make a final decision on whether they will allow adult use cannabis shops within city limits and how much they will tax on purchases at their meeting next week.

Green Thumb Industries, the cannabis retailer out of Canton, Illinois, expressed interest in coming to Quincy several weeks ago. Business representatives were also at Tuesday’s county board meeting but made no comment.

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Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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