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MoDOT roadwork continues as summer winds down in Hannibal

While summer is winding down, roadwork continues. Officials with MoDOT said they’re working to make the best of the good weather while it lasts which means you’ll be seeing more roadwork in Northeast Missouri.

MoDOT engineers said they wrapped up the last bit of the inspection of the Mark Twain Bridge Tuesday and in the coming days they’re shifting their focus to other areas in Hannibal.

One of those projects: re-sealing on outer roads along Highway 36 including the one in front of Fiddlestiks and Jimmy O’Donnell Drive. MoDOT engineers said consistent sealing efforts help them make the best of their budget long-term.

“The job is just going to be to get some oil back in the road, seal the road up to keep the moisture out of it, and it really helps us extend the life of the road, we’re going to some patching on it, seal it up, and hopefully extend the life of the road keep it in good shape for awhile,” said

Work on the road near Fiddlestiks begins next week on the 18th and Jimmy O’Donnell on the 19th
The road near Fiddlestiks will be one lane during work, while Jimmy O’Donnell will be closed.

Another thing MoDOT officials want you be aware of, due to the rain keeping grass tall this year they will be mowing along minor routes in the coming weeks. They ask drivers to be cautious when driving past mowers.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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