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City votes in favor of adult-use cannabis sales

The sale of recreational marijuana is approved in Quincy, starting January 1.

Now businesses have to get their applications in to the state to see if they’ll be allowed to open up shop. It was all discussed during Monday’s city council meeting.

“We tell these children ‘don’t take drugs’ and it seems to me we’re speaking out of both sides of our mouths,” said Quincy resident Stephanie Ohnemus.

Ohnemus spoke out at Monday’s meeting, opposing the sale of adult use cannabis within city limits.

“Think of the clientele that we’re inviting into our city,” Ohnemus.

Despite Ohnemus’ plea, the Quincy City Council voted 7 to 5, in favor of adult use cannabis business establishments. Two aldermen were absent.

“We’ve expanded into 12 states,” said Dina Rollman with Green Thumb Industries.

Green Thumb Industries is a company out of Canton, Illinois that wants to bring a dispensary to Quincy.

“We can immediately begin the construction and hire local construction companies to help build out a space to help us serve adult-use customers. We would be hiring people to staff that store,” said Rollman. “We would be hiring locally, initially 13 to 15 jobs.”

However, Bob Lansing with Herbal Remedies, cautioned the city saying local companies should be given some sort of priority over larger corporations who are wanting to come to the Gem City to set up shop.

“The millions of dollars headed out of town, out of state or out of country will never again be seen,” said Lansing. “Whereas with local businesses, it’s recycled a multitude of times, inside our community to see the economic boost over and over again.”

After talk among council members on whether or not to oversee dispensary applications, the council voted to leave it up to the state.

Under the ordinance passed on Monday, adult use cannabis dispensaries must also be 100 feet away from schools and day care centers. The ordinance also prohibits dispensaries from being within a dwelling unit and within 1500 feet of another adult-use cannabis facility.

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Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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