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QPD reacts to recreational marijuana law

Now that Quincy City Council has voted to approve adult use cannabis dispensaries come January 1 and recreational marijuana will become legal in Illinois at the start of the new year, the Quincy Police Department is now trying to figure out how to handle the upcoming change.

Police Chief Rob Copley says his department is now looking at other cities and states where recreational marijuana is legal, to check what they see as far as crime and arrests go.

Copley is confident his department will see more traffic crashes related to marijuana. Right now, QPD is working on changing the city’s current ordinance in regards to recreational marijuana, making it similar to that of alcohol.

“It will be unlawful to possess as a minor, unlawful to sell or give to a minor,” said Copley. “It will also be unlawful to smoke in public.”

Copley says you also won’t be able to have an open container in your vehicle. If someone did buy recreational marijuana starting January 1, they would have to keep it in the packaging while in a vehicle.

Copley also says the department’s focus may turn to what they call “bootleg dope;” people buying and selling weed on the street to avoid the taxes.


Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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