Brian Inman

Brian Inman is the Chief Meteorologist of the WGEM StormTrak Weather team.

For nearly 15 years, from August of 2002 until January 2017, Brian was a regular at the WGEM weather desk. First as the weekend meteorologist, then moving to the morning shift, and later leading the weather team as the evening meteorologist. Brian returned to WGEM as Chief Meteorologist in October of 2019.

Brian grew up in Quincy and attended Quincy High School. He loved weather and storms even as a kid. He recalls writing one of his first book reports on a book called “Rain”. Simply put, he just really likes weather.

Brian gained his weather forecaster’s certification while serving in the United States Air Force. While in the Air Force, he served as the Radar Coordinator for the State of California. He was one of the first people certified by the National Weather Service to train and teach what was then the “new” Doppler Radar you are so used to seeing on TV and weather apps today.

After leaving the Air Force, Brian worked for Midwest Weather providing flight weather information for Quincy Regional Airport.

WGEM Staff

WGEM Staff

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