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Mother shares daughter’s story for Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Keokuk resident Catherine Rivers is speaking in hopes to help other families for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Rivers said she lost her daughter 29-year-old Carrissa Rivers in October 2016, after she was shot and killed by an ex-boyfriend.

Three years later Rivers said it is still hard to go through life without her daughter especially around Carrissa’s birthday, the month of October and the holidays.

The grieving process is on-going, but Rivers said the case involving the death of CaLove Sackman in Keokuk  reminded her of Carrissa’s story and she hopes no other families will have to go through losing a child due to domestic violence.

“I think there’s a stigma, people don’t want to talk about it,because they don’t want to face it and people who don’t have it in their life don’t understand how deep it goes,” Rivers said.

She hopes for stricter laws for domestic violence cases including family members being able to report it to police, because victims may be too afraid.

Officials at domestic violence shelter, Quanada in Quincy, said if you know someone going through abuse, there are ways you can help.

“We also encourage people to be open to listening, so if you have someone close to you wanting to come in and talk about their experience in their relationship, first listen to what they are saying but also be prepared to provide them resources,” Executive Director Megan Duesterhaus said.

Rivers added Carrissa left behind at 9-year-old daughter at the time of her death, and she is doing well living with her father.

The man accused of killing Carrissa Rivers committed suicide shortly after her death.

Quanada is set to host a tulip planting on October 15th at 5:30 p.m. in their peace garden, located at 2707 Maine Street in Quincy, to honor domestic violence survivors from the shelter.


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