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MoDOT works to maintain stretch of McMasters Ave

There’s a unique way MoDOT is working to preserve a well traveled stretch of road in Hannibal.

Just spend a a few minutes on the side of Highway 61 or McMasters Avenue coming in and out of Hannibal’s south side and you’ll see hundreds of vehicles.

“There’s so much traffic that goes by on 61 that they do have to do regular maintenance,” said driver Bruce Bosi

MoDOT wrapped up a multi-million dollar project to resurface this stretch of roadway through Hannibal just a couple of months ago.

Officials said they want to keep the road in good shape for as long as possible but they say this stretch is vulnerable to more than just the thousands of cars that travel it.

“In the past, it’s had erosion problems with how steep the grade is there. In the past, we’ve gone in and sealed that up with oil and asphalt,” said Northeast District Area Engineer Brian Untiedt.

Untiedt said the sealant is maintenance work but it also helps preserve the roadway that they just redid over the last year.

“That prevents drainage issues where the dirt erodes and gets into our drainage system. We sealed that ditch back up to make sure the asphalt that’s there stays in good shape and we don’t have degradation of it and don’t have erosion problems starting in that ditch,” said Untiedt.

Drivers said they’re happy to know their taxes are being put to good use.

“It’s good to see your taxpayer dollars at work because often times you pay your taxes and you wonder where’d the money go? But now we see where it went,” said Bosi.

The total cost of the McMasters construction project was $5.2 million. It covered resurfacing McMasters Avenue and improving sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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