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Residents along the Quincy Riverfront prepare for flooding

Residents along the Quincy Riverfront said the high water Thursday came as a surprise, meaning they have to act fast to save their belongings.

Water is already creeping into several homes along the riverfront. Residents said it’s aggravating, as some haven’t even recovered from spring flooding and now have to do it all over again.

Randall McClelland already has five inches of water in his garage.

It’s a scene he said wasn’t expecting in mid-October.

“I had no idea it was going to do this,” McClelland said. “You never know what mother nature is going to do, man.”

McClelland lives on the Quincy riverfront and said he spent the morning moving his lawnmower, four wheeler and trailer out of the garage.

“Everything’s up again,” McClelland said. “I didn’t even get everything done I wanted to from this past flood from the summer.”

He said that’s what makes this so aggravating– dealing with the high water all over again.

“With all the rain, it’s up north and they’re getting pounded again, so here we go again, round five hundred and fifty-two,” McClelland said. “My trailers, got them out. With it coming out, I didn’t want a foot of water on my trailer, mowers and four wheeler and everything.”

He’s hoping it doesn’t end up behind his house with other stuff that was ruined from the last flood.

It’s also damaging the siding on his house.

“It’s all loose,” McClelland said. “It’s from those boaters coming up here and the waves coming up.”

He said he just hopes the rain stops, as he can deal with this level. But if it continues to rise, he said he’ll have a big problem on his hands all over again.

“You just have to deal with this,” McClelland said. “It’s sad, man. But, oh well. There’s always another day. It’ll be good I hope.”

McClelland said his neighbors are also working to get their belongings out of their homes and said one neighbor is raising their floor another six inches.


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