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Best time to plant trees and shrubs is now, experts say

QUINCY, IL (WGEM) — While your traditional flowers and garden plants are probably done for the year, it’s the perfect time to plant trees.

This is according to Katie Ippensen a nursery professional at Frese Ornamental.

“It’s the best time to plant trees right now,” said Ippensen. “Trees are going dormant and that’s the best time to move them around and get them in the ground.”

She said during the cooler temperatures the plant can acclimate more easily as the plants’ become dormant. Meaning they don’t need as much water and nutrients.

“It’s is a good time to plant, you know, pines and evergreens and boxwoods,” Ippensen said. “Shrubs, flowering shrubs that are heart for this area, it’s okay to plant them.”

Ippensen said to make sure the plants have enough water before heading into the winter months


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