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Halloween pop-up store a ‘treat’ for Tri-State business

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s already become one of the biggest holidays for sales.

The National Retail Federation said people are spending an estimated 8.8 billion dollars on Halloween related purchases, second only to Christmas and local businesses are cashing in.

It may be a spooky thought.

This year, shoppers are predicted to spend almost 9 billion dollars, with each shopper spending about 86 dollars, according to the NRF.

“We’re just taking advantage of the day off, we came out shopping looking for Halloween costumes,” Shopper Anna Lee Bentley said. “You like Halloween, huh?”

Spirit Halloween Store Manager Brenda Coons said her store is no exception, as shoppers were in and out all Monday.

“Now that we’re getting into October, our weekends are really busy,” Coons said. “It’s run, run, run, pickup, pickup, pickup.”

The NRF said this year’s Halloween spending total is expected to be the third highest in the last 15 years, something many shoppers proved to be true Monday, as they look for that perfect costume.

“My husband didn’t have anything, so he’s going to be Bob Ross,” Shopper Deanna Mixell.

“Well, he has all kinds of ideas,” Bentley said. “Do you like Spiderman?”

Whether you’re shopping for a costume, or just checking out the interactive decorations, Coons said people are out shopping and beyond that, she said the store brings other opportunities.

“We provide jobs up to 15 people in staff,” Coons said. “The people that just want a part-time job, for after school or their other job, it works.”

According to the NRF, 3.2 billions dollars will be spent on costumes this year.

Whatever the occasion, people are gearing up for Halloween.

“We came here today to come to the Halloween shop to look for attire for my daughter’s wedding,” Mixell said.

“We love Halloween, Bentley said. “We always go to a pumpkin patch, so we dress up for that and actual Halloween, so we get two costumes.”

The store manager here said they will be open until November 3.

According to the NRF, shoppers will spend 3.2 billion dollars on costumes, 2.6 billion on candy and 2.7 billion on decorations.

Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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