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Family of Keokuk murder victim speaks about their loss

A bench trial for a Keokuk murder case is now waiting on a verdict from the judge.

Keokuk resident Adam McCain is charged with 1st degree murder in the February 5 stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend CaLove Sackman.

“She had an amazing personality that just gave and gave and gave,” said CaLove’s Mom, Traci Sackman.

CaLove, 27, was a mother to four kids.

“The day of her funeral, her son said to me, I never got to tell my mom how much I loved her,” said Traci.

Traci believes CaLove was a victim of domestic abuse by Adam McCain, which escalated over time.

“I begged her to go get a restraining order and my daughter wouldn’t do it because she said she didn’t want her daughter to grow up without a dad,” said Traci. “Now she’s growing up without a mom.”

According to court documents, on the night of CaLove’s murder, McCain said he and CaLove were arguing. She allegedly got out of the car he was driving and he stabbed her. While CaLove was trying to get away, documents say McCain got into his vehicle, drove after her, got out and stabbed her several more times.

“My grandson said he stole his smile, that he took his smile away from him,” said Traci. “He’s 10. How does a 10 year old lose their smile? Their mom got murdered, that’s how.”

Eight months following CaLove’s death, her family is still trying to cope.

“I’m mad,” said Nicole Sackman-Davis, CaLove’s sister. “I have hatred. I have anger. I have sadness. I have regret. There’s so many emotions that I have and that I feel. My sister would be forgiving. My sister would be loving.”

They say it’s no wonder she has the word “love” in her name.

McCain pleaded not guilty back in March.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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