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Public gets first look at taxpayer funded upgrades at Hannibal High School

Hannibal residents are getting their first look at what upgrades their taxpayer money was used for at Hannibal High School.

A lot has changed at the school since Phyllis Bross walked its halls over 50 years ago.

“Well I’ve been driving by and the windows are just beautiful. It makes it look like a new building. It looks like its so light in here. Now to see the new lights and the new ceiling, it just looks wonderful,” said Bross.

Those new windows and the new lighting were paid for through Proposition CARE which passed earlier this year.

That bond issue also allowed the school to install a new HVAC system over the summer. Bross says she remembers how hot the building could get without it.

“The third floor was hot. It was hot everywhere but back then you didn’t have a whole lot of air conditioning and you weren’t so spoiled,” said Bross.

Plus that new HVAC system allows every teacher to control the temperature in their individual rooms with just the touch of a button.

“Probably makes it a lot more comfortable and enjoyable and more able to focus rather than thinking oh my goodness its hot, when can I go home and when can I do this and this and this?” said former student Abby Wilcoxson.

That comfortable learning environment is something Wilcoxson wishes she had before she graduated last school year but she says she’s only a little jealous of future students.

“Maybe a little bit but they don’t also get the half days that we got to enjoy,” she said.

Those projects are phase one of this project. Next summer, the school district plans to install HVAC at the middle school.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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