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Quincy Hospitality House looking for donations

Imagine having a family member receive medical treatment and not having a place for yourself, or them, to stay during that difficult time.

The Quincy Hospitality House is that answer for many families. With the need growing, the house is also needing some help.

The Quincy Hospitality House, located near Blessing Hospital at 1129 Oak, has been open since 1998. Nothing has changed in the last 21 years in terms of the building, even though the need for a service like this continues to grow.

Now, the hospitality house is looking for help from the community.

Camp Point, Illinois resident Catherine Stice used the hospitality house during one of the hardest times in her life. One of her daughters became deathly ill and the hospitality house became a place of refuge for her.

“Linda was going to be taken down to St. Louis, the lady there she just hugged me,” said Stice. “She made me feel really good.”

Stice’s story is one that resonates with family after family who have stayed there.

“We will serve anybody that is receiving any kind of medical care,” said Quincy Hospitality House Coordinator Becky Albert. “Maybe it’s the night before a surgery, or they can come over for a nap in the afternoon just because they need a shower, they need that break away from the hospital or wherever the medical facility is.”

As the needs continue to grow, so do their needs for supplies.

“Paper products is one of those things that you can always store up on and we do go through a lot of those,” said Albert.

Another need for the house is more bedrooms.

“We have needs that are not met on a week to week basis with the house we have currently,” said Quincy Hospitality House President Rodney Heimer.

The Top 5 greatest needs for the Quincy Hospitality House:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Sealable bags for leftovers
  • Disinfectant sprays
  • Individual or single serving size wrapped food

For more information on the Quincy Hospitality House, click here.

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