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City looking for solutions to busy Quincy intersection

Quincy city officials are again looking to make some changes to the busy intersection of 48th and State.

Director of Engineering Jeffrey Conte said a recommendation will be made at a meeting set for Monday, October 21 to award a contract to conduct a study and options for improving traffic flow.

A roundabout or a signal traffic light are some of the ideas on the table.

“There’s been some issues in the past with traffic there, we’ve received numerous complaints, especially with increased construction in that area, we are expecting heavier traffic loads and we are trying to get ahead of that,” Conte said.

Residents have been voicing their opinion on this issue often and city officials said the complaints continue to come in.

“I think it be immensely helpful, I also live on Breckenridge, so I do 48th Street a lot in my car and when John Wood lets out, it’s usually pretty busy at certain times of the day,” Tammy Howerton said.

The contract amount is for around $220,000 with most being paid by a grant & the remaining amount will be split between the county and city, Conte said.

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly is the company the city is considering to conduct the study.

If the recommendation is approved by the committee, it is set to go before city council next week, who will make the final decision.

If everything goes through, Conte said they hope to start the study around November.

City planners look to improve intersection 

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