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Hannibal Regional Medical Group opens new building

We’re getting a first look at a new expansion to a Tri-State medical facility. Hannibal Regional Medical Group’s new building is now open.

Hannibal Regional officials and the Hannibal Chamber of Commerce just cut the ribbon Tuesday on the new building and those who work there say you’ll notice some big upgrades at your next doctor’s appointment.

The new building is a lot bigger but those who work here say it’s a lot easier to navigate.

“We made pediatrics, family medicine, and women’s health, our OB area altogether. So it’s nice, it’s a whole family atmosphere,” said Director of Outpatient Nursing Services Karmon Kindhart. “They can come and they know where to go every time, they’re not getting lost and everything is very easily accessible.”

Nurses say the rooms are more inviting when you walk inside them.

Hannibal Regional Medical Group officials say the expansion has been years in the making. They say this new building allows them to add more types of medical practices.

“Sometimes folks have to travel out of the community for care and now they won’t have to in those specialties that having this building online lets us do,” said Hannibal Regional President and CEO Todd Ahrens.

That also includes new technology. Tuesday, the medical group showed off their robotic surgery device that they added along with a new OB/GYN physician.

“Having that robot will allow other physicians to have a better interest in coming to our healthcare system. A lot of our younger physicians that are being trained on the robot will want to take their practice someplace that has the robot,” said Ahrens.

Meanwhile, nurses and other physicians have spent the last couple of months transitioning to the new medical building which is already in use.

“We have a couple of exam tables, one is a bus and one is a fire engine. It just makes it more fun for them. Makes it a little bit easier to walk into so that it’s not so white and sterile and that I’m going to the doctor,” said Kindhart

The top two floors of the new building remain empty. Officials say they plan to use that space to continue to expand the different types of medicine the hospital and group practices in the future.

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