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Flood water from the Mississippi puts Taylor Bridge project on hold

It looks like residents of Taylor, Missouri, will have to wait a little longer for the new Taylor bridge to come together.

Marion County Commissioners said high water at the construction site means that work is on hold once again after delays due to flooding multiple times over the past year.

In the past, commissioners had planned for the project to be done by late summer of this year, but due to flooding delays, it was pushed back to November.

Marion County Presiding Commissioner David Lomax said now water from the Mississippi is backing up the Fabius, meaning crews can’t get to the site to continue work.

“Where we had the low water crossing where they could move equipment back and forth, it’s just all underwater right now, the river is going to have to get down before we can continue, we were hoping to have this done by pretty quick here, the first part of late October, first of November, and it’s just not going to happen until the river goes down,” said Lomax.

In the past, Lomax has said the new bridge will be able to support heavier loads than the old bridge which was closed in November of 2017.

He said as soon as the water is back down they hope to get crews back to work, but some residents are tired of waiting.

“It’s disappointing, two years it sit idle doing nothing, I know there’s permits to be handled and all that stuff but we should be ahead of schedule, not behind schedule,” said nearby resident Don Martin.

Commissioners said the new bridge is estimated to cost almost $900,000, and it was closed after it was deemed unsafe for even smaller vehicles to cross.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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