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Quincy business still trying to reopen after spring floods

While most businesses along the Mississippi are back up and running after the floods this past spring, one place along the Quincy riverfront still hasn’t reopened.

Rocky Point Club President Roy Riddle says at its worst there was seven feet of water in the building. The water sat in the building for about five weeks, leading to extensive damage.

“Myself and another fellow from the club spent time in the hospital because we tried to clean it up ourselves,” said Riddle. “The mold gave us pneumonia.”

That’s when Riddle says he called in professionals to clean the place.

“They did the demolition for us,” said Riddle. “They got rid of all the material, all the insulation and everything. It couldn’t be salvaged.”

However, even with a clean slate, they’re still unable to open.

“We’re well within safe levels now with the mold,” said Riddle. “The quicker we get back in here and our HVAC system going again and walls up, we will be better off. Hopefully everybody will come back.”

Riddle says the next step is to put on a new roof, then they can start on the electric and plumbing. He says they’re still several months out from opening.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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