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Home inspectors offer leaf removal tips

QUINCY, IL (WGEM) — Now that the leaves are finally turning color and falling, local home inspectors name the top places you need to look around your home to avoid problems down the road.

They said you don’t want leaves up against your home or it could create moisture that would damage your foundation. Also, you should move leaves away from dryer vents, to prevent fires. They added leaves cause the biggest problems in gutters if they aren’t cleaned out.

“I recommend that when we have a rain that people go out with an umbrella, walk around their home, make sure that water isn’t overrunning their gutters,” said Bill Penn a certified master inspector with Integrity Home Inspection.

Penn said if you don’t clean the leaves out, it could cause a big problem during the winter.

“If leaves are filling up in the gutters, snow can back up onto the roof and then you could get possible ice damming,” he said. “And that would cause moisture to enter your attic and then cause damage to the inside of your homes.”

WGEM Staff

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