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Drivers react to Halloween snow

The snow made for an interesting commute Halloween morning for people in the Tri-States.

“Snow on Halloween, I ain’t seen that in years,” Troy Brewer said.

A cold windy start for Illinois resident Troy Brewer and other drivers, cleaning off their cars and hitting the slick roads in the snow.

People salting sidewalks in Quincy  and even snow plows out clearing streets.

“There were spots that were slick, the overpass coming over from La Grange, most of the cars slowed down about 20 miles a hour and I just drove about 35 and 40 all the way here,” Missouri resident Alexandria Jarvis said.

State and city crews urging safety, so everyone can get to their destination safely.

“I’ve got kids at home and I want to get back home to them and I hoping drivers will pay attention and especially not texting and driving today,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis added she is not a fan of the snow and Brewer  see today’s snow as a sign of what’s ahead.

“My ex mother-in-law said it depends on if it sticks on a certain day, that’s how many snows your’re suppose to get and she’s never been wrong, so 31 snows,” Brewer said.


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