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Local firefighters give black ice warning for Halloween night

QUINCY, IL (WGEM) — Local firefighters warn you shouldn’t let your guard down, even though it’s not snowing.

Assistant Chief Darren Smith, with Tri-Township Fire Department, said black ice and slick roads are a concern Thursday evening through Friday morning. This is due to melted snow and standing water refreezing. Smith said if the roads look wet they probably are slick. He added roads are typically worse in rural areas.

“Especially on curves, bridge overpasses, stuff like that, where you don’t know it’s there and you are making a curve or making a turn and there’s nothing you really can do about it,” said Smith. “So basically the only thing you can really do is just be aware of your surrounds, be aware of your surroundings, slow down.”

Smith said he has responded to many crashes over the past winters due to icy roads. He said ice on curves are the worse for drivers.

“Coming around a curve where it’s black ice, because before you know it you’re in a ditch, your car is over turning, stuff like that,” he said. “So that’s where the importance of slowing down and always where your seatbelt, so you stay in your vehicle if you do roll over. That’s where a lot of fatalities happen.”

Smith added that you should be extra careful stepping outside or getting out of your car, as sidewalks and parking lots could be covered in ice.

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