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Quincy wholesaler set to close

QUINCY (WGEM) — Williams Shooters Supply, a firearms and ammunition distributor in Quincy, plans to close within a year, the President of the company said Friday morning.

Kent Williams told WGEM News that they made the decision on Tuesday to start winding down operations.

Williams said the business had been “wonderful for (his) family,” but he said trends in sales and the way the product is going to market has impacted the business.

One of the contributing factors to the decision is the advantage some competing online retailers have by not charging sales tax said Williams.

“People are selling stuff across state lines through internet commerce and not collecting sales tax, it’s increasing that they are but still primarily it’s not and that’s affected both us and the retailers,” he said.

Williams Shooters Supply sells only directly to suppliers such as GameMasters and Quincy Farm and Home Supply.

Williams said he was raised with the idea that the business should be a partner and a supplier, not a competitor to its customers.

Williams said increasingly, to be viable in his part of the market channel he would have to sell directly to the consumer, something he did not want to do.

“I’ve been unwilling to change our business philosophy and thankfully my parents were great savers and successful business people and I’ve done my best to continue that,” William stated. “We’re going to wind it up while we still have enough money to retire,” Williams said.

Williams said they are the sixth wholesaler of their type to close in the last 18 months. Three of those closed because they had to due to finances.

Williams said the company is not going bankrupt or liquidating. They will be selling the existing inventory in the same manner as always.

Williams said they are also not immediately closing, but will be winding down operations and closing sometime within the next 12 months.

Williams Shooters Supply has been in business for the last 48 years and has been located at 1813 Quintron Way in Quincy since 1992.

Williams Shooters Supply has approximately 28 employees.

Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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