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Possible food & beverage tax back on the table for Quincy aldermen

A food and beverage tax is back on the table for the City of Quincy.

The 2% tax is apart of a new initiative by Mayor Kyle Moore called 45 by 30, meaning 45,000 in terms of population by the year 2030.

The mayor plans on putting $1.4 million total into talent, tourism and retail in order to fund the new initiative.

That money is going to come from a 2% food and beverage tax.

The city tried to do this last year but it failed to pass city council. This go round, Moore says restaurant owners know exactly where that tax money is going.

“It’s not going to go to pensions,” said Moore. “It’s not going towards roads. It’s actually going to be invested to bring people into our community and that seemed to alleviate a lot of our concerns if we are able to do that.”

On Monday night, aldermen heard a first reading of an ordinance to establish the food and beverage tax. It has to go through three readings before being adopted.

Moore says if it does get adopted, the tax won’t be implemented until May 1, 2020.

Kaylee Pfeiferling

Multimedia Journalist

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