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Fort Madison voters choose Mohrfeld as next mayor

FORT MADISON (WGEM) — Fort Madison voters elected Matt Mohrfeld as their new mayor on Tuesday.

Mohrfeld won with 56 percent of the vote, beating out Rodney Hoskins and Joseph Helmick.

Mohrfeld celebrated his victory Tuesday night at the Cabaret in Fort Madison, where he told WGEM News his vision for Fort Madison.

“That vision is where we’re standing right now. When you look at the heritage of the Cabaret, that is a business that is steeped into the history of Fort Madison, but yet we can be relatable to the youth to take this town ten years from now into the future. That’s a vision. Not a vision crafted by me, but a vision crafted by the people of Fort Madison,” Mohrfeld said. “I’m really tickled tonight, we elected a lot of good people for the council, I’m excited, we’ve got a good team going forward.”

Mohrfeld will take over for Brad Randolph. Randolph had served three terms as mayor and did not run for relection.

Prior to being elected mayor, Mohrfeld had served as Fort Madison’s Third Ward Councilman.

For all of Tuesday night’s election results, click here.


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Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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