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Monroe City voters approve issuing of wastewater plant bonds

MONROE CITY, MO (WGEM) — Monroe City residents voted to fund a new $10 million wastewater plant through bonds.

Mayor John Long told WGEM News the bonds will help fund a much needed new waste water plant.

“One way or another we’ve got to do something with this sewer plant. Our water treatment plant is passed its time. We’re just trying to do it at the most economical way for the citizens of Monroe City,” said Long.

Long said because voters approved this ballot issue they will qualify for a grant to cover a portion of the costs of the new facility.

Long said rates will still go up but he said that grant will keep rates from going up as much as they would have if the issue did not pass.

Long said  work will begin immediately to design the new plant. He hopes construction will begin next summer.

Long said the current plant has been used for almost five decades.

“The plant was designed for a 30 year at life, we’re way past thirty years,” said Long.

In addition to its age, there is also a problem with federal and state regulations. In order to stay in compliance with those, Mayor Long said upgrades are needed.

“There are new standards coming out and the DNR is telling us they’re going to get more strict as the years go. We know that this plant is not going to be able to sustain what is going to happen in the coming years,” said Long.

Officials said if the city does not comply with the new regulations, it could face fines up to $10,000 a day for each day that their system is not in compliance.


Monroe City voters to decide how new wastewater plant is funded

Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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