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Businesses fill vacancies in downtown Pittsfield

PITTSFIELD, IL (WGEM) — There’s growth in downtown Pittsfield, Illinois.

A new store is moving into downtown Pittsfield and another store is moving to expand.

The old Red Dome restaurant building is now vibrant with life again after sitting empty for two years. Pike County Mercantile and Backroad Lace Boutique are taking over the building.

Jessica Guthrie is moving into one of those spaces to open up Pike County Mercantile.

She said the store sells items from about 12 different vendors, from knitters to wood workers, all made in Pike County.

“This has been something that I’ve been shooting for since Picture Pittsfield started a year ago, filling our vacant properties here in Pittsfield,” Guthrie said. Not just around the square, which we’re on the square, but throughout the city because a vibrant town means a healthy town and growing town and we desperately need to be vibrant and growing.”

The third section of the building is still a restaurant. She said they’re looking for a tenant to move in.

Backroad Lace Boutique owner Kacie Lipcaman said with more space, she’s able to expand services.

She said she plans to add more inventory, online sales and add more gift-like items to her existing clothing line.

“I think the community is actually really excited,” Lipcaman said. “This building was the Red Dome, which so many of us have so many memories from here. I worked here, my mom worked here, my sister worked here, so we’re all very sentimental to this building and I think the whole community is so supportive just because we all hold so many memories here.”

Both stores are holding a grand opening Thursday evening at 4:30 p.m. at the Girls Night Out event, put on by the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.




Kara Biernat

Kara Biernat is a MultiMedia Journalist for WGEM News.

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