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Downtown Hannibal businesses prepare for busy holiday season

This week a number of businesses are gearing up for another busy holiday season.

Downtown Hannibal is preparing for all the festivities, as well.

There are only a few fall and Halloween decorations left but Thursday some shops were already replacing them with Christmas decorations.

Downtown Hannibal shop owners are hoping for another busy November and December.

After Thanksgiving, every weekend until Christmas is booked with events such as Living Windows.

Business owners said it’s an important time of year before things slow down in January.

“December is that month when hopefully we take that money in so that it’s kind of our savings account and we can make it through January, February, and March. When winter comes, the downtown area kind of goes to sleep for a little bit,” said Mississippi Marketplace owner Linda Studer.

Some businesses also switch to winter hours this time of year.

Even so some of the shop owners said December is their busiest month of the year thanks to holiday shopping.

Brett Knese

Multi-Media Journalist at WGEM News.

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