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Firefighters highlighting smoke alarm testing after multiple fires

With several fires already this year, firefighters said it’s important to make sure your family is safe.

Firefighters said the family made it out safe, but the smoke detectors weren’t working, which they said could have been dangerous if this fire happened just a few hours later.

“I could feel the heat coming from the window,” said Margaret Stumb.

Her family lives right next to where the fire happened Wednesday night, she said they’re still smelling smoke in their own house as well.

“We were worried for the people next door as well, we were hoping they got out okay, and we fortunately heard that they did, and we’re thankful, we said a prayer for them,” said Stumb.

Hannibal firefighters said this is a good example why you should double check your smoke detectors and keep safety in mind as we move in to winter.

“The occupants made it out okay but had this been in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping, the outcome could’ve been different, and that really stresses the importance as we get ready to go into the cooler time of the year,” said Mark Kempker with Hannibal Fire.

Kempker said that’s why they say if you didn’t check your smoke alarms when the time changed last weekend, you should now.

While you’re checking that, he adds that you should also get your furnace or fireplace checked, and be careful when using space heaters.

“Don’t have anything around your space heater within three foot of it like clothing, blankets, things like that, and also turn off your space heater when you go to sleep,” said Kempker.

For Stumb, she said she already knows her smoke alarm is working.

“I had to disable one of them last night though because the alarm was going off,” said Stumb.

Kempker also said if you don’t have a smoke alarm, you can get in touch with your local fire department or the american red cross, and you could get one for free. Click here for more information.

He said now is also a good time to make sure your family has an evacuation plan and a meeting place in case there’s a fire at your home.

Frank Healy

Multimedia Journalist at WGEM

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