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QU starting ‘houses’ program next year

If your kid plans to go to Quincy University next year, they’ll be part of a new house system program.

Starting with the 2020-21 school year, QU officials said these ‘houses’ will be assigned to each undergraduate student when they’re enrolled.

They said the different houses will be primarily student-run groups with their own traditions and will take part in events, activities and even competitions.

“Students that are a part of something are more likely to retain their first year and then persist to graduation, be it if they’re a part of band or athletics when they start, so automatically every student is a member of a house, and it gives them a sense of identity and something to be a part of as soon as they come on campus,” said QU Vice President of Student Development Christine Tracy.

QU officials said the practice is popular in Europe and at East Coast schools, and some students may already be familiar with the concept from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise.

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